Crawl Space Foundation Repair

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Ensuring the Integrity of Your Home

Foundation problems are often caused by water-related issues, such as soil erosion or expansion due to excessive or insufficient moisture. These issues can result in uneven settling and structural damage, leading to cracks in walls, floors, and ceilings, uneven floors, and difficulty opening/closing doors and windows. The Florida climate is harsh, especially on older homes where outdated construction materials remain.

Before You Buy

We specialize in restoring the foundation in historic homes. Many homeowners and realtors contact us during the inspection stages of a home purchase to verify the structural integrity of the home. Our speedy inspection reports, chock full of insightful information, can put your mind at ease during this critical stage of homeownership. Our reports can identify potential issues to help you negotiate accordingly.

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Foundation Inspections

If you suspect foundation issues in your Florida home, contact us for a free foundation inspection and secure some peace of mind. We specialize in historic homes in South Tampa and historic St. Pete, but it’s not uncommon to find foundation problems in the popular 50’s homes of the area.

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Wow what a fabulous job by Blair and his team (Ryan, Jimmy and Tommy). Our deck far exceeded our expectations and we owe it all to Sun Brothers! They are skilled professionals who not only know what they are doing but are respectful of your property! We highly recommend them to anyone in need of a reliable contractor!


J. Catanzaro, Homeowner

These guys built me a 10×30 deck. It’s perfect! Great quality and is exactly what I wanted. They did a great job. I would recommend them highly.


J. Reeser, Homeowner

We have a typical Florida 1950’s home. Blair recommended we choose a material called WearDeck. The results were amazing!

Blair and his team of two professionals were kind, courteous, and hard working. They finished the project in 3 days and exactly on budget. We are extremely pleased.


E. Peterson, Homeowner